What is Tres Dias Cleveland?

Tres Dias began in Cleveland over 25 years ago, when a Tres Dias group from Connecticut traveled over 500 miles to "put on" the first 4 weekends (2 Men's and 2 Women's). From their expression of God's love, realized in service, Tres Dias Cleveland was born.

Three Cleveland Churches were initially involved. Women and men from those early weekends then faithfully prepared the next few weekends and the Tres Dias community grew steadily. I attended Men's #9 in 2000 and was amazed at the number of people from those early days still actively involved. My wife attended Women's #8 and our lives in Tres Dias began.

The next year I began serving on a "team" which prepares for 3 months to "put on" a weekend. While this takes significant effort, everyone involved realizes that the real power of the weekend is that men and women put themselves in a position to experience God. Those who prepare realize that nothing they do for the weekend can compare with power of the Spirit of God, so we humbly and gratefully step out of the way to "Let go and let God".

On subsequent weekends, my wife and I served in many capacities. The community continued to grow, with between 20 and 25 new men and women experiencing God through Tres Dias each year. In 2008, I was selected to lead Tres Dias Men's #16. The weekends are very complicated and so it takes some effort and teamwork to prepare. But in all, the experience was one of great joy and it is very faith-building, since God has always been faithful to Tres Dias.

It was during this period that many other churches became involved. Because of this, the reach of Tres Dias increased and many more lives were touched and many churches experienced new vitality as the men and women came home from weekends revitalized and their churches were built up by a new-found fervor for God.

Now in 25 years, Tres Dias Cleveland has had more than 1000 Christian men and women attend a weekend. We are preparing for Women's weekend #29 and we are getting ready once again to see what God will do.

De Colores!

Dave Starke, TDC, M#9

A three day – weekend visit to basic Christianity may not be good for everyone, but it sure has been a blessing to most. I have pastored the same church for 16 years and in all of those years I have known people attend a Tres Dias weekend. The stories of changed lives and the tales of being overwhelmed by God’s love far out-weighs all else. Brand new Christians have had their faith deepened. Well-established believers have found a place to serve. Sometimes there isn’t a good fit between the needs of a candidate and the way a weekend runs, but that is very seldom. I am here to testify to the huge amount of good that Tres Dias has done for people at my church.

Andrew JJ Paton

Pastor - Clinton Church of the Nazarene